Character classes

Characters may be of any standard class. Because of the history of the region, however, priests and wizards face special circumstances.


Priests occupy an important role in Ilvian society. In the absence of any central government, Ilvians have come to look to the Ilvian Church to protect them. Local governments exist, but many towns (such as Cullan) center around religious institutions, and the Church wields a great deal of power in Ilvia (though this power is generally exercised indirectly).

The Ilvian Church was founded almost five hundred years ago by Humans who had been taught the ways of Arva by the One Hundred (the Elves who came to Ilvia after the War). Today, its members are almost exclusively Human and Half-Elf; full Elves typically do not join the Church, which they see as a Human institution. However, Elves can still be priests of Arva, even though they are not part of the Ilvian Church organization.

Followers of Arva believe that knowledge and enlightenment are of paramount importance, and that only through learning can life be improved. The Ilvian Church, in keeping with this doctrine, works to educate and inform Ilvians in order to help them rebuild their society.

Because of the devastating effects of the War, and the resulting popular sentiment, official Church doctrine regards magic as immoral; magic is blamed for many of the world's troubles. Church priests generally try to distance themselves from any appearance of magic. They emphasize the spiritual nature of their spellcasting, and they avoid spells that seem to duplicate magical effects.

Although Ilvian society is effectively monotheistic, Dwarves (and Dwarven clerics) follow their own deities.


Wizards are rare in Ilvia, and the few that exist face special challenges.

Five hundred years after the wizard Heyraud destroyed the Kingdom of Ilvia, magic is regarded by most as dangerous, dishonorable, or downright evil. For this reason, those who practice magic in Ilvia rarely do so openly. Most pursue magic initially as a hobby and have other professions by which they earn a living. (This means that typically, a wizard player character is multiclassed or has nonweapon proficiencies that make him useful in some nonmagical capacity.) Wizards must be cautious about revealing their magic in the company of people they might not be able to trust.

When the Guild magicians disappeared at the end of the War, they took with them all of their magical knowledge, as well as their spell books and magical items. A few scattered remnants and forgotten caches remained, but for the most part, the science of magic has had to be rediscovered by those who dabble in it. Because of the lack of magical lore, a modern Ilvian wizard must be skilled at spellcraft, particularly in order to advance beyond the lowest levels.

Wizards have another strong motivation to excel at spellcraft. According to rumor, particularly skilled wizards are occasionally approached secretly and invited to study at the Guild college on the lost island of Stargald (while being sworn to secrecy, of course). No one knows if the rumors are true, or even if Stargald still exists, but every wizard secretly hopes that someday he will receive such an invitation.