An Elf from Bragal. Aela was curious about humans and their church, and she came to Cullan to study at the Abbey in 493. She befriended Abbot Everam, who was as interested in the elven faith as she was in the Church of Ilvia. After Everam's death, Aela accompanied Nigel and his party on the expedition into the Ilvar Forest to find Friar Trevall. When she learned of the Decrees issued by First Prelate Eulius, she returned to Bragal to seek the advice of the elders there. (Played by Jen.)

Alvera Island
An island in Heyraud's Bay, fifty miles east of Darian. Five hundred years ago, Alvera (which was then a mountain) was the site of the largest Guildkeep, which bore the same name. Alvera was the headquarters of the Ilvian Magicians' Guild, and the residence of Guildmaster Heyraud. Even then little was known about it, and since the war there is no record of it having been visited by anyone.

A young woman who lives in Cullan. Until recently, Alyssa was romantically involved with Nigel Weatherley, but on 23 May 498 she announced that she was going to accept a marriage proposal from Keff Larro.

A group of adventurers who came to Cullan from Darabont Castle, with no memory of who they were or how they had gotten there. They rescued Brother Kerrow from the castle's dungeon, and Jazzie from a group of gnolls in the mountains nearby. Kerrow led them to Cullan, and they remained there afterward in order to recover and attempt to regain their memories.

The Anchor
A waterfront tavern in Kirvin. While at the Anchor, Brondon cast a spell during a bar fight; afterward he was approached by a member of the Kirvin Magicians' Underground. Tagart was later evicted from The Anchor for copying a magical scroll in public (which was his attempt to attract the Underground's attention).

First Prelate of the Church of Ilvia from 466 until early 498, when he was succeeded by Eulius. Arol approved Everam's proposal for an abbey on the Ilvian frontier.

A goddess of knowledge and learning. Arva is the deity worshipped by most humans and elves in Ilvia. The essence of the Arvan faith is the belief that learning is the path to true enlightenment, and to a follower of Arva, study and worship are the same thing. Arva was the deity of the One Hundred, who passed the faith on to their descendants; humans later adapted it into an organized religion, which became the Church of Ilvia.


A craftsman in Cullan who makes and sells small items wrought from bronze and pewter (including Church of Ilvia holy symbols). Bennh was injured during the gnolls' attack on Cullan on 2 May 498.

An elvish village southeast of Cullan, deep in the Ilvar Forest.

Brass Bunny Inn
The only tavern in Cullan. The Brass Bunny is a popular hangout for the locals as well as for merchants who pass through town.

A novice wizard from Kirvin who appeared in Randa shortly after the rescue of the kidnapped children. Brondon came to Randa in an attempt to carry out an assignment for the Magicians' Underground; when the plans went awry, he decided to go back to his home town on the northern coast rather than return to Kirvin.


A traveling merchant the Cullan party met on the road near Durant. He warned them that Durant had recently been troubled by brigands.

A riding mule owned by Orbin Kilzan.

Church of Ilvia
The dominant religious institution in northern Ilvia. The Church is a human interpretation of the Arvan faith, with hierarchical structure and formal rituals that were never part of the elves' tradition. It is also the only unifying entity in northern Ilvia, filling a quasi-governmental role in most cities.

Council of Prelates
The governing body of the Church of Ilvia, chosen by the senior priests of Church institutions throughout Ilvia. The Council elects, and is presided over by, the First Prelate.

A small farming village east of Heyraud's Bay. Cullan is the easternmost human settlement in northern Ilvia; it was founded in 474 by Everam, a monk from Darian who had been appointed to head a new abbey on the eastern frontier. Life in Cullan centers around Cullan Abbey, which has provided the young town with security and stability.

Cullan Abbey
An abbey located in the town of Cullan, more distant from Darian than any other outpost of the Church. The Abbey was conceived and founded by Abbot Everam in 474. The Abbey's purpose, and the reason for its remote location, was to gather and preserve what knowledge could still be recovered from the ruins of the Kingdom of Ilvia. In the 24 years since its founding, the Abbey has established itself as a center of learning on the Ilvian frontier.

Cullan Road
The dirt road leading from the Old Road through the center of Cullan. Cullan Abbey is in a circle in the middle of the Road, right at the center of town.

One of the priests of the Ilvian Church in Kirvin.


Dallyn River
One of the major rivers of northwestern Ilvia. Before the Galrian War, the Dallyn flowed northwest from the grasslands of central Ilvia, joining the Kalis river at the southern end of the Ilvar Mountains. The upheaval from Heyraud's blast created Heyraud's Hills and diverted the Dallyn's course southward; it now flows more or less due west, emptying into the Bay over sheer cliffs north of Luiry. The dry riverbed where the Dallyn once flowed still runs through the hills and the ruins of Sendara.

Darabont Castle
The most isolated of the Guildkeeps, situated in the Ilvar Mountains northeast of Sendara. Darabont served as a retreat for members of the Magicians' Guild and as a teaching facility for apprentices. Darabont still stands, and according to the Amnesiacs, was recently the site of activities apparently connected to the conspiracy against the Church. According to the Amnesiacs, Darabont is protected by a magical field that erases the memory of anyone who passes through it without the protection of a magical ring.

The largest city in northern Ilvia. Darian, situated on the southern lip of Heyraud's Bay, is a commercial hub and the cultural center of Ilvian society. The modern city of Darian is actually only a remnant of the capital of the Kingdom of Ilvia, most of which was destroyed by Heyraud's blast. Until recently Darian also served as the seat of the Church of Ilvia.

Darian Monastery
The largest monastery of the Church of Ilvia. The Monastery also serves as a seminary school, and most priests in Ilvia today received their Church training there.

The document issued by First Prelate Eulius on 30 March 498 and sent by courier to all Church institutions in Ilvia. The decrees announced three major changes in the Church of Ilvia: first, that all Church libraries and schools would be closed; second, that Church priests were to begin charging for services rendered to their communities; and third, that the seat of the Church was to be relocated from Darian to Alvera Island.

A mysterious man who ordered a large number of wooden boxes from Thomas & Tepworth. According to members of the Kirvin Magicians' Underground, the same man has also hired some of them to perform magical tasks.

A woodworker in Cullan. Duffy built a folding table for Orbin Kilzan to use on Market Day, although Orbin has never yet had a chance to use it.

A small farming town halfway between Randa and Kirvin. During the spring of 498, Durant was troubled by brigands who robbed the townspeople and vandalized their property. In June, the Cullan party helped to repair the town, and shortly thereafter they fought and killed the brigands.

A mountain-dwelling people in the southern reaches of the Ilvian continent. Historically, dwarves have been known for their skill at mining and gem-cutting. During the Lean Times, many dwarves came north to earn a living as traveling merchants, earning them their modern reputation as shrewd (and sometimes unscrupulous) businessmen.


Eastern Sea
The ocean to the east of the Three Continents. It is unknown what (if anything) lies beyond the Eastern Sea.

The loremaster and historian of Bragal. It was Elavri's idea to send Aelaval to study at Cullan Abbey in 493.

A forest-dwelling people who live on the fringes of Ilvian society. All elves in Ilvia today are descended from the One Hundred and can therefore trace their roots back to the elves of Galria. Many elves live secluded lives in the Ilvian forest, completely independent of human society; others mingle with humans and dwarves, although they are still outsiders and maintain a separate culture. Because of their roots, most elves are followers of Arva, although they have no organized religion and do not typically involve themselves in the Church of Ilvia, which they see as a human institution.

The First Prelate of the Church of Ilvia. Little is known about Eulius; until his election to the highest Church office, he was an obscure member of the Council of Prelates. According to Trevall, Eulius has always been something of a bureaucrat and was never ambitious.

Founder of the town of Cullan and first abbot of Cullan Abbey. Born in Darian in 443, Everam studied at the Darian Monastery and proved to be an excellent student. He was only 27 years old when First Prelate Arol approved his proposal to establish an abbey on the Ilvian frontier. He became not only abbot of Cullan Abbey but also as the unofficial leader of the town of Cullan. Everam was killed on 2 May 498 by a group of drunken gnolls who attacked Cullan with magical items.


First Prelate
The highest authority in the Church of Ilvia. In early 498, First Prelate Arol, who had served for more than thirty years, was succeeded by a little-known member of the Council of Prelates named Eulius.


A port town at the mouth of Heyraud's Bay. Gaither is located at the tip of the peninsula that forms the northern part of the mouth of the Bay, directly across from Darian. Gaither is a gateway to the northern coast of Ilvia, the Inner Sea, and other regions to the north.

The warm and heavily forested continent to the north of Ilvia across the Inner Sea. War with Galria led to the destruction of the Kingdom of Ilvia five hundred years ago. Today, Galria is a closed society, and little is known about it. No formal relations exist between Ilvia and Galria; the only real contact is some limited trade between the towns of northern Ilvia and the Galrian possessions in the Inner Sea.

Galrian War
The last major conflict between the Kingdom of Ilvia and Galria, 500 years ago. The War began when the king of Ilvia sent his fleet to attack Galria, the culmination of a long-running territorial dispute over the islands of the Inner Sea. When the war turned against Ilvia, the king ordered the Magicians' Guild to lend its considerable power to the war effort, but Guildmaster Heyraud refused and retreated to Stargald. The king, furious, diverted part of his fleet to attack Stargald in an attempt to break Heyraud's grip on the Guild. The magical blast with which Heyraud responded destroyed not only the fleet, but most of the Ilvian kingdom as well. Afterward, little remained of the great Kingdom of Ilvia, and the Guild magicians had all vanished.

Gault, Mrs.
An elderly widow in Cullan who supports herself by renting rooms to boarders. Her tenants include Orbin Kilzan and Tagart Weiland.

Gellar, Burris
A fisherman in Luiry. On 28 April 498, Gellar found a strange wooden box in his fishing net; he sold the box and its contents to local merchant Irvin the next day. On May 2, Gellar inexplicably attacked and killed a Church courier at the Luiry Inn. After a short trial he was executed on May 5.

The librarian and archivist at Cullan Abbey. Gilth was born in Darian in 426 and went on to study at the Darian Monastery, where he developed an obsessive interest in books and reading. He also befriended the eccentric Trevall, despite their differing views on theology and philosophy. When Everam came to the monastery in 459, Gilth (who was by then on the faculty) became his mentor and friend. Gilth joined Everam's journey to establish an abbey on the frontier, despite his own preference for books and solitude. Now in his seventies, Gilth still singlehandedly maintains the Abbey's library and teaches classes in the Abbey school.

The senior priest at the Ilvian Church in Kirvin. Gomery's disagreements with Priestess Liella led to the splintering off of the Order of Trevall. After Gomery's church was burned down, he and his congregation were invited to worship at the Trevallian church, an act of generosity that made Gomery reconsider his condemnation of the Trevallians.

Grankworth River
A shallow tributary stream that joins the Dallyn River north of Luiry.

Castles maintained throughout Ilvia before the War by the Magicians' Guild. Today the ruins of some Guildkeeps still survive.

Guildkeeps of Ilvia
A book apparently published before the Galrian War. A single page of this book was in the possession of one of the Amnesiacs; it included brief descriptions of several Guildkeeps, including Alvera, Darabont, and Lenica.


A monk at Cullan Abbey. Like Kerrow, Hallan spent a great deal of time traveling in the wilderness around Cullan. Only Abbot Everam knew where Hallan was headed the last time he left town, and he has not been seen since.

A tailor in Cullan. Hando made a cloth cloak for Ian Tarrell shortly before gnolls attacked Tarrell's farm and killed him and his family.

Arch-mage and master of the Magicians' Guild in the old Kingdom of Ilvia. Heyraud was arguably the most powerful man in Ilvia: he sat at the king's right hand and served as his closest advisor, while also controlling the Magicians' Guild, which was largely responsible for Ilvia's prosperity. But Heyraud was content to exercise his influence behind the scenes and never challenged the king's authority until the king demanded the Guild's help in the Galrian War -- an act that ultimately led to the destruction of the Kingdom.

Heyraud's Bay
The large bay on the western coast of northern Ilvia. The Bay was created at the end of the Galrian War when Heyraud's magical blast destroyed the Kingdom of Ilvia, gouging a huge chunk from the coast of the continent. Part of the old capital Darian survived, but most of what lay to the east was destroyed by the expanding wedge of destruction. Today the Bay is the central feature of the geography of northwestern Ilvia, and the far-flung communities that make up Ilvian society surround the bay. But because of its catastrophic origins and short geological history, the coast of the bay is almost uniformly sheer and rocky, offering few usable ports.

Heyraud's Hills
The rolling hills east of Heyraud's Bay and south of the Ilvar Mountains. The hills were created 500 years ago when Heyraud's magical blast gouged out the Bay.


Ilvar Inn
A nice, but not extravagant, inn near the waterfront in Kirvin. The Cullan party stayed at the Ilvar Inn and were initially dismayed to find that their rooms were on the second floor -- and that the doors had locks on them.

Ilvar Forest
A large, dense forest south of Heyraud's Bay, stretching from near the western coast all the way to the center of the Ilvian continent. The Forest separates the territory formerly occupied by the Kingdom of Ilvia from the lands to the south; today it is also the home of many elves who have chosen not to associate with human society.

Ilvar Mountains
A mountain range stretching from the eastern end of Heyraud's Bay northward to the Inner Sea. For the most part, the mountains are uninhabited by humans, but a few communities exist at the southern and northern ends of the range.

Ilvar River
A river of northwestern Ilvia before the War. The Ilvar River was formed by the joining of the Dallyn and Kalis rivers. It was the major waterway of the Kingdom of Ilvia, flowing from Sendara to Darian on the western coast. The Ilvar River was completely obliterated by Heyraud's blast.

Southernmost of the Three Continents, a triangle of land masses surrounding the Inner Sea. In the northwestern part of Ilvia, surrounding Heyraud's Bay, are a number of widely scattered cities and towns that are all that remains of the Kingdom of Ilvia. The society in northwestern Ilvia is primarily human, but dwarves and elves are not uncommon. The cold and mountainous southern regions of Ilvia are home to the Ilvian dwarves, who have their own society and culture but enjoy friendly relations with the humans in the north.

Ilvia, Kingdom of
A wealthy and powerful nation formerly occupying the northernmost third of the continent of Ilvia. Ilvian society was predominantly human and largely secular, with much of its wealth and power derived from its Magicians' Guild. The Kingdom enjoyed friendly relations with the Kingdom of the Dwarves to the south, but troubled relations with Galria to the north. The Galrian War led to the destruction of the Kingdom, leaving only ruins and fragments of its former grandeur.

Inner Sea
The sea at the center of the Three Continents, separating Ilvia from Galria and bounded on the west by Strocchia. On its eastern end, the Inner Sea is open to the great Eastern Sea; in the west, a strait less than a mile wide connects the Inner Sea to the Western Sea. Territorial disputes involving the resources of the Inner Sea led to the Galrian War.

Ires, Thaddeus
The priest at the church in Luiry. Father Thaddeus, a tall, red-haired man, works as a fisherman to support himself, holding services at the small one-room church on Sundays. He presided over the trial of Burris Gellar and was horrified to learn later that Gellar's behavior was caused by a magical spell. Thaddeus received the Decrees from the courier Gellar killed, but he did not immediately implement them because he did not understand what they meant.

Proprietor of the general store in Luiry. Irvin is acquainted with Orbin Kilzan, with whom he has done business on numerous occasions. Irvin purchased the strange wooden box Burris Gellar had found in his fishing net.


A nine-year-old boy in Luiry. Jake was hired by Orbin Kilzan to ferry the donkey Victor across the Grankworth River using his small raft.

A dwarven fighter who lives in Cullan and works as a hired bodyguard. Jalafin is one of the relatively few dwarven members of the Church of Ilvia. Having worked with Orbin on several occasions in the past, he was hired to accompany Nigel's party on their journey to Darian on 22 May 498. (Played by Ben.)

A paladin who lives in Cullan. Janis is intensely devoted to the Church of Ilvia. Owing to experiences in her past that she does not speak about, she is particularly fanatical about the Church's condemnation of magic, although recent events have caused her to question her beliefs on that score. (Played by Marie.)

The most famous living dwarven craftsman. Javius, over four hundred years old, learned his trade from Vendic, jeweler to the last King of the Dwarves before the Lean Times. It is said that Javius's work rivals the treasures of those days, and that he alone has kept alive the true arts of dwarven gem cutting and metalcraft. In June of 498, Javius came to Kirvin, believing the time was right to begin selling his treasures to human customers, as the dwarves of old had done.

A farmer in Durant whose chickens were killed by brigands.

A man from Randa. Jord was part of the delegation sent to Cullan to hire soldiers to help rescue the town's kidnapped children.


Kalis River
A river flowing southward from the Ilvar Mountains, emptying into Heyraud's Bay amid swampy land to the north of the ruins of Sendara.

A small town about two days north of Kirvin. On 11 June 498, Drasp placed a small order for wooden boxes from Thomas & Tepworth, asking that they be delivered to Katon.

The senior priest at Cullan Abbey. Father Kellam was one of the original settlers who accompanied Everam from Darian, despite the fact that he was a linguist and poet, not an adventurer. But he proved to be a superb administrator; his efforts helped to get the Abbey and its school off the ground and to keep them running smoothly. When Abbot Everam died in 498, Kellam found himself reluctantly taking charge of the Abbey, but he had neither the desire for the job nor the capacity to make difficult decisions.

A monk at Cullan Abbey. Kerrow was an outdoorsman who spent a lot of time traveling in the countryside around Cullan. Abbot Everam regarded Kerrow and Brother Hallan as "field agents" who were often able to find ancient books and documents for the Abbey's archive. While pursuing kobolds north of Cullan, Kerrow was captured on 1 May 498 by soldiers who took him to Darabont Castle. Kerrow was later rescued by the Amnesiacs, who brought him back to Cullan.

Kilzan, Orbin
A dwarven merchant who bases his operations in Cullan. Orbin's parents were traveling merchants, so from an early age he began to learn the business. When his parents eventually settled down in Oridon, Orbin set out on his own; he eventually ended up in Cullan, a town he had visited during its early years with his parents. Orbin continues to spend much of his time on the road, but Cullan is now his home base. (Played by Virgil.)

One of the few ports on the coast of Heyraud's Bay. Kirvin is also the second-largest city in northern Ilvia, with a thriving market for agricultural products from nearby farming communities and an active waterfront. Kirvin is also home to a secretive underground association of magic users, most of whom have little actual knowledge. Commerce in Kirvin is governed by a powerful Merchants' Guild.

A dwarven merchant in Kirvin who sells baskets at a small booth. Korba befriended Orbin and warned him about the unfavorable conditions imposed on dwarves by the Kirvin Merchants' Guild.

Kortin, Katra
A half-elven ranger who lives near Cullan. Katra was born in Darian and was raised by her human mother and maternal grandparents. After the death of her mother, she took to the wilderness, learning to hunt and defend herself. She now calls Cullan home, although she continues to live a solitary lifestyle outside town. (Played by Denise.)


A mysterious elven traveler who encountered the Cullan party near Durant and accompanied them to Kirvin. Lamara was fascinated by the group's diversity and amazed at the open-mindedness of Nigel and Trelain, both priests of the Church of Ilvia. Lamara left the group in Kirvin, saying that she felt she needed to return home and take news of recent events to her village elders. (Played by Jen.)

Larro, Keff
A local farmboy in Cullan. A dumb ox of a man, Keff is now engaged to Alyssa, Nigel's ex-girlfriend.

Lean Times
The name the dwarves use to describe the years of poverty following the Galrian War. Although the Kingdom of the Dwarves was not directly affected by the War, the destruction of the Kingdom of Ilvia (with whom the dwarves had enjoyed robust trade) caused the collapse of the dwarven economy. With no customers for their gold and gems, the dwarves were forced to leave their underground cities and turn to farming in order to feed themselves.

A Guildkeep deep within the Ilvar Forest, south of where the town of Luiry now lies. Lenica was one of the smallest Guildkeeps and was reportedly used primarily as a laboratory for spell research. Its ruins still stand and are surrounded by a strange, shimmering magical effect like ripples in a stream. A chance encounter with one of these ripples caused Jazzie Wolfensdale to disappear from the ruins of Lenica on 15 May 498, only to reappear unconscious near Darabont Castle a few days later.

The priestess who founded the Order of Trevall. Liella had just graduated from the Darian Monastery when she joined the Ilvian Church in Kirvin in 497. She was bright and energetic, with an irrepressible (perhaps irresponsible) passion for learning and experiencing everything she could. She had many unusual ideas and subscribed to the views of Trevall, whose forgotten writings she had discovered while studying at the Darian Monastery. When Liella openly challenged the magic taboo, Father Gomery asked her to leave the Church. She then founded the Order of Trevall, taking with her a sizable number of Gomery's parishioners. In May of 498, Liella joined Valix's expedition to Darabont Castle; when his plan failed, she lost her memory and traveled with the other Amnesiacs to Cullan. (Played by Denise.)

One of the leaders of the Magicians' Underground in Kirvin. Lius offered Tagart the opportunity to join the Underground.

A fishing village located at the confluence of the Grankworth River and the Dallyn River, south of where the Dallyn empties into Heyraud's Bay. Luiry is the nearest town to Cullan, and its small church is the nearest establishment of the Church of Ilvia. Luiry was thrown into turmoil in May of 498 when a local fisherman, Burris Gellar murdered a Church courier from Darian.

Luiry Inn
The only inn in Luiry.


Magicians' Guild
The powerful organization of wizards in the old Kingdom of Ilvia. Membership in the Guild was required for anyone practicing magic in Ilvia, and all Guild members were bound by the Guild's code of ethics. The Guild maintained numerous Guildkeeps throughout the Kingdom, but its headquarters and its renowned magic school were on the island of Stargald. Since the Galrian War there have been few remnants of the Guild or its work; the island of Stargald can no longer be found, and only a few of the Guildkeeps survive as ruins.

Magicians' Underground
A group of amateur wizards in Kirvin. The Underground is mainly a social club for people interested in magic; most of its members have only rudimentary spellcasting ability. The secretive Underground also offers discreet magical services to customers who know how to contact them.

Market Day
Each Saturday in Cullan. On Market Day, merchants from Cullan and elsewhere set up booths and tables along the Cullan Road to sell their wares.

A man from Randa. Mebron was leader of the delegation sent to Cullan to hire soldiers to help rescue the town's kidnapped children.

Merchants' Guild
The organization controlling trade in Kirvin. The Guild originated as a benevolent association of merchants, but it has evolved into something more like an organized crime syndicate. The Guild requires all merchants to register before doing business in Kirvin, and it charges a monthly fee based on total sales. The Guild also attempts to handicap dwarven merchants by placing further restrictions on them and charging them higher fees.

A woman in Luiry, wife of a local fisherman and mother of Jake.



Old Road
The remnants of a major pre-War road, running from north to south in a loop around the eastern end of Heyraud's Bay. The Old Road crosses the dry Dallyn riverbed at Sendara by an ancient stone bridge that still stands. Most of the Old Road is lost, either submerged in the Bay or destroyed in the cataclysm of the war, but the segment that remains is still usable today.

One Hundred
The group of Galrian elves who came to Ilvia unexpectedly about forty years after the end of the Galrian War. The One Hundred were experts in countless fields, and they brought to Ilvia their vast knowledge in an effort to help Ilvia rebuild. But they never explained why they had come to help their former enemy. The One Hundred were the ancestors of all elves in Ilvia today; they also brought the Arvan faith to the Ilvian continent, which led to the founding of the Church of Ilvia.

An independent city-state south of the Ilvar Forest. Oridon is remarkable because its population is fairly evenly divided between dwarves and humans, although it tends to have closer relations with the dwarven kingdom to the south than with the human communities north of the Forest. Oridon is also famous for its unusual (and expensive) blue wine.


A man from Randa. Palo was part of the delegation sent to Cullan to hire soldiers to help rescue the town's kidnapped children.

A pack mule owned by Orbin Kilzan.



A small sheep-herding village in the foothills of the Ilvar Mountains north of Sendara. Randa is located at the eastern end of an old road that runs along the northern coast of the Bay. In May of 498, Orbin Kilzan led an effort to rescue eleven children who had been kidnapped by men claiming to be priests of the Church of Ilvia.

A pack mule owned by Orbin Kilzan.

A priest of the Order of Trevall in Kirvin. Reswith joined the Order when it was founded by Priestess Liella; after her disappearance he was the only remaining Trevallian priest in Kirvin.

Ridgeview Inn
A small roadside inn about a mile south of Katon. Orbin went to the Ridgeview Inn to make contact with a client who was to take delivery of a shipment of wooden boxes from Thomas & Tepworth.

A pack mule owned by Orbin Kilzan.

A shopkeeper in Durant. Rosen quickly befriended Orbin, who helped him repair his shop after the recent brigand attacks. Orbin also sold him some cheese and wool.


A city of the old Kingdom of Ilvia. Sendara was located at the confluence of the Dallyn and Kalis rivers near the southern end of the Ilvar Mountains. Today nothing remains but crumbling ruins, often infested with gnolls and kobolds.

The island headquarters of the Magicians' Guild in the old Kingdom of Ilvia. Few Ilvians ever saw Stargald, but it was known as a glittering fortress of silver and steel. It also was the location of the Guild's college, where every wizard aspired to study. After the Galrian War, Stargald could no longer be found; ships attepting to sail there inevitably went off course and ended up sailing in circles, and maps no longer showed where the island had been.

The large and arid continent northwest of Ilvia. Today little is known of Strocchia, but records from the Kingdom of Ilvia suggest that it is sparsely populated and largely uncivilized. At their closest point, Ilvia and Strocchia are less than a mile apart.


Tarrell, Ian
One of the original settlers of Cullan. Ian Tarrell was a friend of Abbot Everam and a prominent member of the Church of Ilvia. He became one of the most successful farmers in Cullan, growing grain and raising animals on a large expanse of farmland north of town. He was killed during the early morning hours on 2 May 498 when gnolls attacked his farm and burned it to the ground.

A woodworker from Kirvin. Tepworth was the sole proprietor of the Thomas & Tepworth woodworking shop after the death of his partner Thomas.

An apprentice working at Irvin's shop in Luiry.

A donkey owned by Cullan Abbey.

A woodworker from Kirvin. Thomas was one of the two proprietors of the Thomas & Tepworth woodworking shop; he was the only contact Drasp would speak to. Thomas was killed by brigands on the road between Kirvin and Durant while taking a load of boxes east.

Thomas & Tepworth
A woodworking shop in Kirvin. Thomas & Tepworth was hired by the mysterious Drasp to deliver a large number of hinged wooden boxes to an unknown location; these boxes were later filled with magical items and inscribed with an enchantment that caused its victims to feel irrational hatred toward the Ilvian Church symbol and anyone who wore it. During their stay in Kirvin, Orbin, Autumn, and Jalafin worked at Thomas & Tepworth.

Three Continents
The triangle of land masses surrounding the Inner Sea, and comprising the entire known world. To the north of the Inner Sea lies Galria; to the south, Ilvia; and to the northwest, Strocchia.

Proprietor of Tom's Tavern in Randa; also a friend of the mayor, Vandis. Tom bought some Weatherley Special Reserve from Orbin on 26 May 498.

Tom's Tavern
The only public house in Randa. It serves as a tavern, a small inn, and the de facto town hall.

A young novice at Cullan Abbey. Trelain has an inquisitive mind and an unusual interest in spellcasting, attributes that prompted Father Kellam to suggest that Nigel take her along on the journey to Darian on 22 May 498. (Played by Ruth.)

A reclusive and eccentric priest whose views on theology and Church doctrine have often clashed with those of other Ilvian priests. Trevall befriended Gilth while both were studying at the Darian Monastery in 448. Unlike Gilth, however, Trevall had little use for the study of books, believing that true enlightenment could only come from experiencing the world directly. In 456 he tired of the structure of the Church and left the monastery in order to travel alone as a mendicant friar. Eventually he became a hermit, living in the Ilvar Forest south of Luiry.

Trevall, Order of
A religious order founded by Priestess Liella in Kirvin. The Trevallians, formerly members of the Church of Ilvia, subscribe to the views of Trevall: that true enlightenment comes from experiencing the world directly, and that true followers of Arva do not close their minds to any field of knowledge (not even magic). The Trevallians are fueled by passionate curiosity and the desire to experience life to its fullest. They feel that the Church of Ilvia (whose members they call Darianists) is too structured and restrictive to accommodate this view. The Trevallian church in Kirvin bears the following legend over its door: "Before the light of knowledge all shadows flee."


Uzayr, Tallis
A young Cullan native, the daughter of two Cullan founders. Tallis was a capable fighter and joined the expedition that tracked the gnolls who killed Abbot Everam. However, the abbot's death upset her parents so greatly that they decided to leave Cullan and move back to Darian, taking Tallis with them. (Played by Jen.)


A magician from Kirvin who led an attempt to infiltrate Darabont Castle. Valix, a member of the Kirvin Magicians' Underground, had been hired in the spring of 498 to perform some kind of work at Darabont. After a few weeks he returned to Kirvin and recruited a group of thieves, mercenaries, and adventurers, planning to return to Darabont and steal magical items he had seen there. Valix was killed by an arrow on top of the Darabont castle wall, and the rest of the group (the Amnesiacs) were affected by the memory-loss spell surrounding the castle.

The mayor of Randa. Vandis's son was one of the kidnapped children.

Vega, Autumn
A young freelance bodyguard in Cullan. Autumn is an expert archer and generally works as a guard for merchant convoys. Having worked with Orbin on several occasions in the past, she was hired to accompany Nigel's party on their journey to Darian on 22 May 498. (Played by Alana.)

A donkey owned by Cullan Abbey. Victor was gravely wounded when Brother Kerrow was attacked by kobolds north of Cullan, but he was found in the wilderness and healed by Nigel. At Gilth's suggestion, Nigel and his party later took Victor to Friar Trevall, who was able to speak to Victor and learn what had happened to Kerrow. A notoriously difficult animal, Victor was uncooperative until Aelaval cast a Frienship to Animals spell on him. After Aela's return to Bragal on 21 May 498, Victor fell into a deep depression, but his spirits were revived when he was taken with the party on their journey to Darian.

A donkey owned by Cullan Abbey.


A traveling entertainer who makes a living impersonating a magician. Walto is well known in the towns north of the Bay for his traveling magic show. He in fact knows no actual magic, but is a skilled sleight-of-hand artist. The people of Randa hired him in May 498 to rescue their kidnapped children, a task he was naturally unable to perform. When the Cullan party threatened to expose him, he returned the townspeoples' money and fled.

Weatherley, Nigel
The most studious novice at Cullan Abbey, and Abbot Everam's protege. A Cullan native, Nigel grew up on a farm, but he never found life on the farm satisfying. He discovered a love of learning while attending classes at Cullan Abbey and eventually dedicated his life to the Church. After Everam's death and the disappearance of Brother Kerrow, Father Kellam asked Nigel to lead a party to investigate, despite Nigel's lack of experience as a traveler (not to mention his allergies and his general bad luck). (Played by Pat.)

Weatherley, Marta
Mother of Nigel Weatherley. Marta is an original Cullan settler and a brewer of fine ales.

Weatherley Special Reserve
A premium ale brewed in Cullan by Marta Weatherley.

Weiland, Tagart
A Cullan teenager who has always been something of a rogue. Tagart was sent to the Cullan Abbey school by his parents, who were respected members of the Church, but he found the classes (especially those taught by Nigel) boring. After briefly trying his hand at petty theft, Tagart became interested in magic and secretly learned how to cast several spells. He joined Nigel's group out of boredom and because he was a friend of Orbin; in Randa he finally revealed his magical abilities in order to help rescue the kidnapped children. (Played by Greg.)

Western Sea
The ocean to the west of the Three Continents. The island of Stargald presumably lies somewhere in the Western Sea, but since the Galrian War no one has been able to find it.

Wolfensdale, Jazzie
A Cullan native who works as a guard at Cullan Abbey. Jazzie helped investigate the gnolls who killed Abbot Everam, and she accompanied the expedition to find Friar Trevall in the forest south of Luiry. While exploring the ruins of Lenica, Jazzie was swallowed up by a lingering magical effect and disappeared. Several days later, she was found unconscious near Darabont Castle and was brought back to Cullan by the Amnesiacs. When Nigel's party left for Darian, Father Kellam asked Jazzie to stay behind in order to help guard the Abbey. (Played by Lynn.)