From: "Robert R. Berry" <>
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Subject: Darabont
Date: Friday, March 17, 2000 11:43 PM

As I mentioned the other night, I think the best thing for me to do at this point is to forget about writing a full-fledged synopsis for the time being, and instead provide you with a bare-bones summary of the events and the facts Nigel has been able to learn from the amnesiac party.

First of all, I've updated the timeline at to include the events of the latest game.

Here is what Nigel has been able to piece together.

First, the documents. The Elven wizard in the group (Jen's character) had with her an unfinished letter she had apparently begun writing shortly before the group infiltrated Darabont. The letter reads:

My Dearest,

We are camped among some ruins a short distance from Darabont Castle, and tonight after dark we will attempt to enter. Our gear is packed and our horses are tied up to await our return here. There is little to do now but wait for sundown, so I thought I would pass a few moments by writing a letter to you. I do not know if I will finish it or find a way to send it to you.

This country is strange and wild, and I do not recognize some of the plants that grow here. We have even seen a few gnolls, filthy creatures who live in these hills. Valix tells us there are kobolds here as well. I am sure that we could handle them easily if we were forced to fight. Yesterday we were assaulted by a small group of bandits, two dwarves and a human, and we made quick work of them.

I think that Valix has not revealed everything he knows about what goes on inside Darabont. But he has much to gain if we succeed, so I believe that he can be trusted at least until we are finished here. After that I will have no further need of him or his schemes. For now, we depend on him, and if he cannot do what he promises, we have no hope of infiltrating the place or getting out again. If things do not go well, Valix may be the only one of us who retains his senses!

I know how hard it must be for you without me there, and I promise that

Another character (yours) carried a page torn from an ancient book in Old Ilvian called "Guildkeeps of Ilvia." It reads:

...downtown Darian, and is therefore one of the few Guildkeeps that is actually open to the public.


Perched atop a mountain 50 miles east of Darian, Alvera is the headquarters of the Magicians' Guild on the Ilvian mainland. It is also the personal residence of Guildmaster Heyraud when he is in Ilvia. Alvera is heavily guarded and, according to rumor, protected by magical spells, so little is known about it.


Perhaps the most isolated of the Guildkeeps, Darabont is situated in the mountains northeast of Sendara. It serves not only as a retreat for Guild memebers in eastern Ilvia, but also as a teaching facility for the Guild's apprenticeship program. Its secluded location provides a peaceful environment for the students who come there to explore their magical skills.


Lenica is located deep within the Ilvar Forest, two days' ride south of Shelba on the shores of the Ilvar River. One of the smallest Guildkeeps, it is reportedly used mainly as a laboratory for spell research (one of the few...

Now, a brief summary of the events.

The amnesiacs' awareness began with them on the ground, having just fallen apparently from the perimeter wall. They were immediately attacked by a group of guards in orange tunics, speaking a language later determined to be Strocchian. After fighting a group of guards who were attacking them, they took cover inside an old well house.

They entered the building through the kitchen door and saw two unarmed humans conversing quietly in the adjacent dining hall. The humans were complaining (in the common tongue) about the lack of support they were getting for "the project." In particular, one of them said he wished more items could be sent from "the island," rather than having to be procured locally. They also mentioned a priest in the dungeon and the possibility that he might be useful.

The group attacked and killed the humans and the two kobolds that were apparently acting as servants. A piece of paper on their table seemed to indicate what they were talking about; it said "Cullan -- still a problem; Luiry -- destabilized; Kirvin -- good results, church burned."

They then moved through the castle, first through what appeared to be a library (though now largely empty) and then an open atrium just inside the main entrance. On the other side of the atrium they found a barracks inhabited by a number of sleeping soldiers. Beyond that was a room with a workbench; on the bench was an empty wooden box, a crystal vial, a small rectangular case, a quill pen, and another vial, apparently of some kind of ink. (This last detail is revisionism; it's something I failed to mention in the original game. Just in case you wondered.)

Another room was a storeroom, containing more boxes, some empty and some containing more vials and other assorted items. The rest of the rooms were empty bed chambers.

Crossing the atrium again, the party accidentally attracted the attention of the guards in the watch tower. This led to a battle that eventually involved all of the guards in the castle. After the guards were all dead, the party went downstairs to the dungeon, where they found Kerrow semiconscious in his cell, guarded only by two kobolds.

Using magic rings they found in the barracks, they group was able to pass through the magical field surrounding the castle and journey back to the ruins where they'd apparently camped the night before. They found that a group of gnolls had camped in the same spot and had rifled through their belongings, burning everything except the food and valuables. The gnolls also had a human captive, an unconscious woman who Kerrow later identified as Jazzie.

After killing the gnolls, the party spent the night at the ruins before traveling south to Cullan.

In addition to the events, Nigel has been able to deduce only a few things about the party itself. The group seemed to have varied backgrounds, and it seemed clear they were not from around Cullan. They are:

The only indication of their mission is the fact that they were each carrying several empty sacks. The wizard was also carrying several velvet-lined rectangular boxes.

That's everything I can think of at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll see if I have the answers.