5 bw Open war breaks out between Galria and Ilvia.
1 bw The Ilvian king orders the Magicians' Guild to assist in the war effort. They refuse.


The War culminates with the Ilvian attack on Stargald, Heyraud's magical blast, the destruction of the Kingdom of Ilvia, and the disappearance of magic from the Ilvian continent. Galria takes possession of the Inner Sea islands, and the war ends.


The One Hundred Elves from Galria arrive in Ilvia and spread out across the settled regions. They gradually win the trust of the humans and assist them in rebuilding their society.


The Church of Ilvia is founded.


Gilth is born in Darian.


Trevall is born in Darian.


Everam is born in Darian.


Gilth meets Trevall while both are monks at the Darian Monastery. They become friends, although they do not agree on many points of theology or Church doctrine.


Trevall leaves the Darian Monastery to travel alone as a mendicant friar.


Everam begins his studies at the Darian Monastery. Gilth becomes his mentor and friend.


Everam gets approval from the First Prelate to establish an abbey on the Ilvian frontier. He begins gathering a small group of settlers, including Gilth and Father Kellam.


Everam's group departs from Darian.


Everam chooses the site of the Cullan Abbey. Town of Cullan is founded.
March 16 Aela leaves Cullan to visit Bragal, her hometown.
March 25 A group of men claiming to be priests of the Ilvian Church arrive in Randa, saying they plan to establish a new monastery.
March 30 First Prelate Eulius issues a set of decrees closing Church schools and libraries, establishing fees for Church services, and relocating the seat of the Church to Alvera Island. Couriers leave Darian carrying copies of the decrees.
April 20 The Artist sketches portraits of two roguish-looking humans in chain mail. The drawings remain in his pack.
April 22 Kerrow returns to Cullan Abbey from a secret journey, bringing Everam reports of odd rumors about magical activity near the old riverbed. Everam tells no one but asks Kerrow to investigate further.
April 23 Kerrow leaves Cullan, heading north.

In Kirvin, someone throws a lit oil lamp through the window of the church, burning it to the ground.

April 28 Burris Gellar, a fisherman in Luiry, finds a strange wooden box in his fishing net.
April 29 Gellar sells the box he found, as well as its contents, to local shopkeeper Irvin.

In the ruins of Sendara, north of Cullan, Kerrow watches a pair of mysterious figures traveling from building to building.

April 30 Kerrow makes an entry in his journal, reporting that things may be worse than Everam suspects.
May 1 Friar Trevall makes a trip into Luiry for supplies. He stops at the church to pay his respects to Father Ires and then returns to his home in the forest.

North of Cullan, Kerrow is attacked by kobolds.

May 2 (Beginning of Episode 1) Market Day. Abbot Everam is killed when drunken gnolls armed with magical items invade Cullan. Evidence indicates the gnolls had come from Ian Tarrell's farm.

In Luiry, Burris Gellar attacks and kills a Church courier at the Luiry Inn.

May 3 A party led by Nigel Weatherley travels to Tarrell's farm. They find Tarrell and his family dead and the farm destroyed. (Beginning of Episode 2) They backtrack the gnolls northward and find Victor, Kerrow's donkey, wounded. Nigel heals the donkey; the party then fights off wild dogs before camping for the night.
May 4 The party backtracks Victor, finding evidence of a a battle. They track a group of kobolds north across the dry Dallyn riverbed. They defeat the kobolds in battle, but Janis is gravely wounded.
May 5 Janis recovers. The party travels to Sendara to discover gnolls camped in an abandoned building. They attack and kill the gnolls. Orbin and Tagart find a box containing empty potion vials. Orbin, affected by a magical trap, attacks Janis when he sees her holy symbol. The party subdues him and his head clears.

In Luiry, Burris Gellar is executed after a short trial.

May 6 The party leaves Sendara to head back to Cullan. (End of Episode 2)
May 7 The party arrives back in Cullan after an uneventful trip.

In Luiry, Irvin sells Burris Gellar's box to a traveling merchant.

May 9 (Beginning of Episode 3) Market Day is canceled. Abbot Everam's memorial service. Aela returns to Cullan. Afterward, Father Kellam meets with Nigel and the party to ask them to take Victor to Trevall, and then continue to Darian if necessary to meet with the Church leaders.
May 10 The party leaves for Luiry. They attack and kill a group of camped gnolls at dusk before camping for the night in the hills southwest of Cullan.
May 12 The party continues toward Luiry. During the afternoon they fight a group of dwarves attempting to extort a toll from travelers. They camp for the night in the hills.
May 13 The party arrives in Luiry. They talk to the Irvin the shopkeeper and learn of recent events in Luiry. They meet with Father Thaddeus and learn about the recent decrees from Eulius.
May 14 The party heads south into the forest to attempt to find Trevall.
May 15 The party pauses briefly to explore the ruins of an ancient keep in the forest. A strange magical effect fills the area, and Jazzie disappears. After a fruitless search, they continue into the forest, where they find Trevall. Trevall communicates with Victor and reports a few additional details about Kerrow's disappearance and the origin of the magical box.
May 16 The party leaves Trevall's camp, pausing briefly to search for Jazzie around the old ruins once again. There is no sign of her.
May 17 The party passes through Luiry and continues on the journey back to Cullan.

The Artist sketches portraits of two dwarves and a human. The drawings remain in his pack.

May 18 The amnesiacs camp in some ruins just south of Darabont Castle. After sundown, they infiltrate the castle, but lose their memories in the process. They kill the inhabitants of the castle, rescue Kerrow, and leave using magic rings.
May 19 The amnesiacs kill a group of gnolls at their campsite and find the unconscious Jazzie. After camping for a few hours, they begin the journey south toward Cullan, guided by Kerrow.
May 20 The amnesiacs arrive in Cullan. Leaving Kerrow with the abbey's healers, they meet with Father Kellam.

Nigel's party arrives back in Cullan and hears the amnesiacs' story.

May 21 Nigel's party meets again with Father Kellam, deciding to travel to Kirvin and then on to Darian. Aela decides to go back to Bragal, and Father Kellam asks Jazzie to stay in Cullan.
May 22 The people of Randa discover that eleven of their children have been abducted and taken to the old keep by the men claiming to be Ilvian priests.
May 23 Nigel's party, now including Trelain, Autumn, and Jalafin, leaves Cullan and heads north.
May 23 The traveling magician Walto arrives in Randa on one of his regular visits.
May 24 Nigel's party encounters warring gnolls and kobolds while traveling through the ruins of Sendara.
May 26 A group from Randa leaves for Cullan, meeting Nigel's party not far from town. The Cullan group offers to help and then meets with Walto to plan the rescue attempt.
May 27 Walto, exposed as a fraud, leaves town. Tagart reveals his true vocation and uses a powerful scroll to dispel the magical barrier. The children are returned safely to Randa.
May 28 Brondon arrives in Randa and eventually tells his story to Orbin. He gives Tagart the scroll he acquired from the Magicians' Underground and leaves Randa, headed back to his hometown on the northern coast.
May 29 The party leaves Randa, headed west. That night they are attacked by kobolds while camped near the road; a mysterious person helps them defeat the kobolds.
May 30 Katra tracks Lamara, who joins the group for their journey to Kirvin.
May 31 The party arrives in Durant to find the town victimized by brigands.
June 1 The party spends the day helping the people of Durant repair their town.
June 2 The party finds the wrecked cart belonging to Thomas of Thomas & Tepworth. Katra tracks the brigands, and after a short battle they are apparently all dead.
June 5 The party arrives in Kirvin and checks into the Ilvar Inn.
June 6 Orbin meets Korba and learns about the Merchants' Guild. He decides not to register or to attempt to do business in Kirvin.

Nigel, Trelain, and Janis attempt to find out information about the burned church.

Tagart helps Lamara buy supplies and construct a spell book.

Autumn and Jalafin are ambushed by the survivors from the band of brigands. With Tagart and Lamara's help, they kill them all.

Katra makes contact with a local ranger.

June 7 Orbin finds the Thomas & Tepworth woodworking shop and the Order of Trevall church. That afternoon, the rest of the party meets with Father Gomery and Father Reswith.
June 8 Orbin, Autumn, and Jalafin begin working at Thomas & Tepworth's.

A mysterious ship from Gaither docks and drops off passengers.

June 9 Orbin pays Thomas & Tepworth's Guild fees for the month of May.

Katra posts a notice in the harbor master's office saying the group is interested in passage to Darian.

The ship from Gaither departs.

Tagart gets himself evicted from The Anchor; he also succeeds in making contact with the Magicians' Underground and meets with Lius. Katra kills two Guild enforcers in a street fight.

June 11 Drasp visits Thomas & Tepworth's and places a new order for wooden boxes.

Tagart carries out his assignment from the Magicians' Underground, helping a man remove a package from a second-story room. (It turns out to be Javius's jewelry.)

June 12 Orbin hears of the theft of Javius's jewelry. He organizes and leads the raid on the Guild headquarters.

Tagart attends a meeting of the Magicians' Underground.

June 13 After paying for ten more days' lodging at the Ilvar Inn, the party leaves Kirvin for Katon before dawn.

Later in the morning, they find a mysterious Elf being attacked by soldiers in orange tunics. They kill the soldiers but are too late to save the Elf.

June 14 The party arrives at Katon. Orbin, Jalafin, and Autumn stay the night at the Ridgeview Inn outside town, while the rest of the party camps in the nearby countryside.
June 15 The party heads into town to look around, planning to return to the Ridgeview Inn in time for Orbin's rendezvous at 3:00.